Leaders, Self, Freedom

Seeker – I’m feeling the weight of the world today. There is so much anxiety, so much fear out there. People distrust, always seem to want something, “I do for you if you do for me.” It seems like a hopeless situation. New politicians come on the scene and promise hope, a new beginning, but all we get, if we’re lucky, is an updated version of the last leader. I’m loosing patience with it all.

Guru – We look for leaders to fix the world, to make it a kinder and more understanding place, but really this is not what we want. Our egos quickly become bored when there is nothing to fear, nothing to feel superior or inferior to. No great disasters on the horizon. When we cannot muse about the wrongs and evils of the past, or the hopes and fears of the future, what do we have? No, please understand this: we have created a state of affairs that suits us very well.

Seeker – That’s depressing.

Guru – Stop looking for a saviour, a guru, some leader to come and fix things. The solution to worldwide dysfunction resides in each individual. The solution is to recognize the illusory quality of the ego. When the ego is seen as nothing more than a mirage, then you have begun to clean your own house. Start with cleaning your own house, and then turn your attention on the world if you still want to.

Seeker – Ok, so I become enlightened, or awakened, or whatever it is, and the world remains dysfunctional. Then what?

Guru – How do you know what the world will be when you see reality for what it is, when you see truth? You do not see clearly now, so how do you know? You are projecting. Your mind cannot conceive of a seeing that has nothing to do with ego and concepts. You may find that there is nothing to fix anymore once you are free of dysfunction. Perhaps you will nevertheless feel compelled to act out of an unselfish sense of affection and compassion for all things. Find out and see.

Seeker – What if I fix myself and let the world go to hell?

Guru – Again, you are speculating about what you will feel when you see the universe for what it is. First see and then say what you see.

Seeker – Make me see then.

Guru – I cannot make you see. Your ego, the “I”, tells you that you need someone to come along and give you truth, when in fact you have the truth already, you are the truth. It is the ego that must go, and clear the way for the truth to shine. Even a fingernail can block the sun.

Seeker – How do I start?

Guru – Start by investigating the sense of “me” or “I.” Watch it move, see its motives. Every thought when the ego is active seeks something, desires something. It may not always be immediately clear what, so investigate it.

Seeker – Then poof, the ego just vanishes eh?

Guru – No, then you vanish.

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