Notes of Schizophrenia - Always On

The schizophrenic’s mind is always on. There are exceptions, but many schizophrenics report feeling like they are unable to stop thinking. The nightmares that schizophrenics often experience are sleeping mirrors of the paranoid schizophrenic state that they deal with during the day. The mind of the schizophrenic simply cannot be turned off, making wild connections and grandiose calculations or circling through the worlds they have created when the delusion-making has settled for a while. Much of the thinking is of course repetitive, since much of the calculating, connecting activity is rooted in obsessively thinking about objects of fear, and how those objects of fear may manage to inflict harm on the schizophrenic. The object(s) of fear will often become the central fixture in the schizophrenic’s thinking, the mirror(s)/shadow(s) of their ego.

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