Notes on Schizophrenia - Ego Amplification

The schizophrenic’s mind makes connections that would strike most as inappropriate. The glue that holds them together, once the grip on consensual, everyday reality is lost, seems to be a general ego fixation with redirects all happenings in the world back onto the schizophrenic. The ego fixation replaces what is commonly understood as logical or sequential thinking in the average person, and now acts as directional scaffolding for the schizophrenic’s thoughts. In other words, the ego looks out, and sees the world—all of it—heading straight for it. This ego-centred perception becomes the basis upon which the world now seems to function.

Without the ego, the schizophrenic feels they would be lost in an unfathomable, synchronous world, so the ego amplification provides a last shred of conventional or everyday world meaning in an increasingly confusing reality. Fear forces the mind to cling to the ego for fear of going “around the bend.” Fear is also what often results from an intensification of the ego, since the external is seen as always wanting/trying to give or take something away from the schizophrenic (to harm or to benefit him).

The disinterested world, the neutral world, simply cannot exist for the schizophrenic.

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